Saturday, January 23, 2010

Stadiums & Skiing

Bunker Hill Monument was closed this morning due to ice so my team for the American Lung Association climb and I went to Harvard stadium and completed 18 sections to equate to three times up the monument.

We then went to Sound Bites(Somerville) for breakfast. I got the Broadway bowl- hash browns on the bottom, peppers, onions and tomatoes with scrambled eggs avocado and cheese on top. It was delicious and SUPER filling.

My friend Ali and her boyfriend Jay wanted to do something fun outside so Dave and I took them to the Weston Ski Track. It was only $30 dollars a person to rent skis, poles and get a pass to ski for the day. They have miles of trails and we had a good time playing around- the boys and Ali flew down the hills and there some great falls, but we all left pretty much in one piece.
Ali & DaveThe Team( Ali, Jay & Dave)Dave's awesome photography skills(picture of me!)Dave!Ali & Jay(the rebels)


Anonymous said...

This looked like fun!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh what a beautiful day!!! so glad to be a part of it with this blog! mom

Meg said...

thanks mom- it was fun!

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