Sunday, January 3, 2010


Today has been whirlwind of cleaning the house, and TONS of cooking!

Dave and I trenched through the snow to Market Basket today, to pick up some fruits and vegetables and my favorite organic milk for making my first batch of yogurt.

My favorite milk!

The Euro Yogurt Maker

Milk transfer to the yogurt maker

Only 10 hours til the first batch...

My workouts have been more inconsistent this week. There has been some Jillian workouts, Wii fit, and some Lola walks added in for good measure, but defintely not enough. So back to the grind this week- my plan!

Monday- cardio on my own OR a strength training class
Tuesday- spin class
Wednesday- cardio and possibly yoga
Thursday- Hour of Power(yoga at Be)
Friday- cardio at the gym

Since the holidays, I haven't been listening to my body. I usually try and eat when I'm hungry and not when I'm not. But, as you all know, this is not as easy during the holidays with all the the wonderful breakfasts, dinners my consumption has been larger than normal, and the scale has moved slightly the wrong way! Ugh!

So, planning out my meals is important and helps. When we are home this includes ALL breakfasts and dinners for the entire week. It helps keep our grocery bill down, and we both eat leftovers for lunch the next day atleast four if not five days a week. Sometimes, I even freeze a serving if I'm in a bind during a busy week.

Our plan for dinners:

Sunday- coq au vin(it was delicious & a modified Ina Garten recipe w/ about 1/3 the oil and butter)
Monday- Bob's Red Mills gluten free pizza w/ buffalo chicken sausage on top & a mixed green salad
Tuesday- turkey meatballs
Wednesday- tofu and ground turkey lettuce wraps(modified Ellie Kreiger recipe)
Thursday- bbq chicken
Friday- Dinner date with the ladies from school
Saturday- Dinner out in Natick with my best friend

I plan to take a picture of each meal this week!


Meg said...

Buy a yogurt maker they are fabulous!

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