Friday, July 30, 2010

A Night in Toronto

We got to Canada in RECORD time yesterday afternoon- 7 and a half hours! Woo hoo! We had a great afternoon with our friends, Kristen and Peter checking out the local fruit and vegetable stands, and cool stories including Max's Market.

One of the fruit and veggies stand

Our appetizer's pre-Mitzi's: fig/pistachio bar, cilantro dip, and carrots and tortilla chips.

We went to Mitzi's Sister for dinner, and they made be their haddock blackened tacos sans flour tortillas for me. It was a pretty good meal, but I was nervous about the blackened fish.

My haddock tacos with corn tortilla chips

Note: I got really sick this morning, but it could have been from something I had on the road... I don't know for sure.

Sweet Flour is a cookie made-to-order place we went to after dinner.

They had gluten free cookies and fro-yo! So I got a vacation duo! :)

Kristen and Peter's new pup- Rosey.

...what a face...

We got to Georgian Bay mid-morning, and I've been in heaven...friends, family, and the most picture perfect sunsets.


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