Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Meals on the Porches

We've had some scrumptious meals on the front and back porch at Rumbling Bridge. It has been a scorcher so every night we head to the pool for an evening dip. I'll take a picture of the pool today. It's spring run and is wonderfully cool and a great way to take off some of the day's summer heat.

The pictures below are some of the meals Dave and I have had in the last couple days.

Turkey avocado BLT's(bacon, lettuce and tomato) on Abigail's brown rice and millet bread with Giant Eagle(PA grocery store) organic baked beans.

Avocado buttermilk dip with freshly picked carrots and cucumbers, and some chips for dipping for Dave.

Bob's Red Mill gf pizza with Mid's pizza sauce(made in Ohio), three pieces of cut up bacon, fresh from the garden zucchini and summer squash and fresh mozz on top.

Dave has been perfecting his food picture taking- pretty artistic- don't you think?

This morning I made sweet potato hash with onions and one piece of bacon in it for extra flavor ;). I added a poached egg for extra protein.

Please note: Yes, there is bacon in these meals but I have probably ingested about two full pieces through these three meals- totally worth every simple delicious bite!

Off now to grab some gluten free bread at Bella Donna's Bakery right in Ligonier. Donna is working on making more whole grain breads, and I thought I would try one out! :) Then, we're off for another walk through the woods. Stay cool!


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