Monday, July 12, 2010

Back in Beantown

We got back to Boston last night, and jumped right up this morning into our regular schedules. I trained early and then spent some time at the hospital mid-day. While, Dave scooted off to work and then went for run afterwards. I met up with my friend Jen for a loop around Fresh Pond with the pups late afternoon, to catch up.

I came home and made salmon tacos for dinner with cabbage and peach slaw, sharp cheddar and red pepper slices on corn tortillas. Light, tart and a perfect welcome home meal.

The add-ins to the tacos( cheese, slaw, and pepper slices)

I sprinkled chili powder and put a teaspoon of hot sauce on the salmon. I added a jalapeno to the pan for Dave, he loves hot food!

My plate

A had one dark chocolate Hershey kiss to end my day! Perfection!

Happy birthday Jen!


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