Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New computer

Ugh, last night my labtop screen CRACKED and could not close. Not having a functioning computer is awful and we are so dependent on them you to survive especially when finishing the last year of graduate school.

My stuck open and cracked computer...

Dave went on a 'super secret' trip tonight and purchased a new labtop and printer(which we desperately needed and didn't have). He is so wonderful and helpful in times of need. Thank you sweetie!

Our new labtop- a toshiba. He's been playing with it all night, while I've been talking to my cousin on the phone because I found my wedding dress! Woo hoo! :)

Tonight I whipped up turkey meatballs(made with gluten free oats soaked in milk, parsley and one egg) with primavera sauce and gf pasta.

I used De Boles pasta tonight. I can't use kamut pasta anymore, because I have a strong reaction to it. I think the severity of my intolerance is getting stronger, so I'm being very strict right now.

The pasta

I used a jar of sauce, and didn't make my own. I didn't have tomatoes in the house, and truthfully I haven't seen good tomatoes yet in the farmer's market but I'll be on the look out this weekend.

I had a pleura of veggies in the fridge so I cut up a summer squash, zucchini(thanks Jen), red pepper, corn, fresh peas, and carrots into the sauce and threw in the baked turkey meatballs. It made HUGE amount of food, so Dave will be taking it all to lunch tomorrow. Now, that he has started his marathon training he is always hungry.

My plate

I'm going to make lentil salad to bring to the hospital tomorrow for lunch. I will blog the recipe tomorrow night from our new computer.


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