Friday, July 9, 2010

Another day on the mountain...

We have had another wonderful day on the mountain with swims, two meetings with a caterers, and some walks through the woods. It's sad to think we only have a day and a half left here.

Wednesday afternoon, I picked up three cookbooks and three magazines at the Ligonier Library all for $8.30! The Martha Stewart cookbook ended up being a first edition and signed! A great deal for $4!

For lunch yesterday, I made a piece of whole-grain gf toast from Bella Donna's with some homemade(by me) rhubarb and blueberry jam.

We then went for a swim in the pool. As you can see it has a green 'hint' to it, mostly because it is spring fed.

I think Luna looks like an otter when she swims ;)

My aunt Bean came in yesterday for the weekend, and Dave and I whipped up a wonderful dinner for her and gran.

The menu:
lean hamburgers and hotdogs
white corn(from New Jersey)
fresh peaches and mozz with basil
homemade crackers(made by Dave with gf leftover pizza dough)
cold lentil salad( from the new Martha cookbook)

Our back porch table

My delectable plate. Gluten free & summer= easy mouthwatering meal. :)

This morning I made Oatmeal Pudding for our breakfast.

The add-ins: fresh peaches and rhubarb/blueberry jam

My bowl...which I could not finish!

Also, a happy belated birthday to my sister, Sarah who turned 2-6 yesterday!

I'll post the lentil salad recipe when we get home, it's going to be a new staple in my fridge this summer for sure!


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