Thursday, July 1, 2010

Packing it Up

Some people pack light, and others don't ...I'm of the belief that it is better to pack everything and be prepared ;)

I even packed my new wedding planner- thanks Lil!

Along with the clothes, the dog crate, the wedding magazines, and the computer- is the food. I like to pack food for the car- since as some of you know- gluten free on the road is NOT easy.

So, I made gf zucchini banana muffins for the morning.

I'll have sandwiches for lunch with Abigail's gf bread for me,and regular bread for Dave. In the sandwiches will be: turkey, avocado, sharp cheddar and arugula with honey mustard. I have carrots and bananas, pistachios, and grapes to snack on, and we will also have three Nalgene's of water, one seltzer, and one container of iced green tea. Now, with all this prep I have no doubt that Dave will still be eating a doughnut or two... :)

Through all this packing I also got a delicious dinner on the table.
Turkey burgers( Trader Joe's chili lime) w/ avocado and Cabot 50% light
Summer squash, fresh peas, olive oil, and baby spinach with garlic on corn pasta


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