Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lentils and Sweet Potatoes...Two Meals out of One...

Before heading to the hospital tomorrow, I cut up veggies and tossed about one cup of lentils into a crockpot with about 1/3rd a bottle of red wine and water to make green lentil and sweet potato stew.

My friend Ali came over for dinner last night and we had a great gossip session and walked the neighborhood with Luna.

Our dinner: stew with sharp cheddar and nonfat greek yogurt dolloped on top!

Post-spinning workout today- I had lentils/sweet potato topped with two poached eggs. It was amazingly good, and reminded me of the tapas I had on Monday.

My mother found another use for our champagne glasses: herb holder!

My mint on the window ;)

Thank you to all my ladies for making my time without Dave so wonderful. He comes home later today, and then it's time to packem' up and head to PA!


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