Friday, June 11, 2010

Market Basket Gluten Free Cookie Mix

Dave and I were in Market Basket today, and normally I only, truthfully, shop the perimeter of the store. The outside, in my opinion, has the good stuff. The milk, fruits and vegetables, fish, lean proteins are all along the perimeter. What else do you need other than toilet paper, right?

Today though, I wandered into the baked good mix aisle. I think I was looking for Crazy Jane's salt. Anyway, I found this package.

So, of course I had to purchase it. The mix is $3.49, which is great price for a baked good mix. The ingredient list is small and includes items like brown rice flour, and potato starch. The recipe asks for a 1/2 stick of margarine(I used butter) because I think margarine is gross, an egg, and one tablespoon of water. I added a tablespoon Dagoba drinking chocolate powder for good measure, and 3/4 cup of chocolate chips. It is Friday, after all :)

The dough on a parchment paper ready for baking.

The delicious cookies baked! Dave and I have decided these are the best gluten free cookies we have ever had! Go Market Basket!


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