Sunday, June 13, 2010

One Day Behind

Yesterday, I went to Equinox and took a group exercise class called 'Whipped,' and literally felt 'whipped' afterwards. Sarah, Ali and I all looked like we had gone through a huge rain storm after we left, that instructor means business.

Dave and I then met my cousins at the Thirsty Scholar for the first USA World Cup game. The bar was so packed that the globe wrote an article on the event. I lasted about 30 minutes in the heat, with the beer and bodies, before I decided I needed to go home and get some air.

Dave came home a couple hours later, and we decided to try out Pho'n Rice, a Vietnamese place in our neighborhood for dinner. I couldn't stop thinking about that pho- chicken rice noodle soup I had had mid-week! Pho'n Rice did a nice job with their version on this dish.

I found this cartoon and it made me laugh, especially after 'whipped.'


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