Monday, June 14, 2010

A Puppy Day

After training this morning, I came home to finish a project on the food service program I had met with last week in the Boston area.

Then, I took Luna on a walk. We met up with our wonderful dog walker Melissa who was walking our buddies Lenny and Satchel, and decided the puppies should have some time together ;)

So Mr. Satchel man came to play at our house for the afternoon. He was very excited:)

The dogs played for hours, and we have paw prints all over the kitchen from their little water bowl disaster to prove it!

You would never know though that they were little devils by looking at this picture, as they became my little 'sous chefs' at my feet when I was making lunch.

On the menu for lunch: egg white salad with carrots, celery and baby spinach on brown rice and millet bread. Dave's parents bumped up my bread supply yesterday, I was running low! Thanks D & C!

Egg salad lunch. :)

I read class while the puppies chewed together...those who chew together...take naps together???

Then, the wonderful UPS man dropped off our last parcel from our Amazon shipment. I got my copy of Women, Food and God by Geneen Roth, which I am super excited about.

Then, Dave came home and we took Luna for a walk around the neighborhood and then to puppy play. She is pooped from playing with all her 'men' today!

For dinner we had sauteed garlic spinach and organic/nitrate free bacon on top of pizza(grilled bob's, of course). I wasn't very hungry since I had had some tortilla chips and salsa pre-puppy walk. I had two pieces, but they were pretty small.

My plate and first piece with some pizza sauce on the side for dipping ;)


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