Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Rain

Today, we got some major cleaning done in the back room(aka the storage room). We took 4x HUGE bags of clothes to a PlanetAid box, and cleaned out a lot of boxes. We also took change to a Coinstar machine and got $158 dollars. Woo hoo! I spent the money on some much needed summer reading including Women Food and God , and some other wonderful goodies!

I also got in a 30 minute circuit. Woo hoo!

My workout menu:

squats(plie & regular)
squat and press
biceps curls(21's)
triceps extensions
static lunges
pilates hip openers
shoulder press
bicycle crunches
single leg bridges

After a fantastic circuit, and then a run back from the park in the rain- Dave and I were ready for dinner. Tonight on the menu: tilapia tacos.

Tilapia tacos

After the rain stopped, Dave took Luna to the park to see if any of her puppy friends would be out to play. I decided to make some scones with fruit we got at the grocery store this morning- blackberries and South Carolina peaches.

My first decent tasting gluten free scones

They look good don't they?


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