Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June 2nd

My wonderful birthday started with a fantastic spinning class, and then a trip to Fresh Pond with Luna and Beccah. I then had a much needed haircut by Paula, who does wonders and then had nice relaxing iced tea date, with B on her back porch.

Our porch tea and snack(tomato and mozz)

Later in the afternoon, I was on the phone talking to family and friends and spent some time relaxing in the backyard. it was marvelous!

Then, tonight Dave asked me to be ready by 6:30 and to close my eyes. We ended up at the Garden at the Cellar with Ali, Jay, Nyssa and Ben! It was a wonderful surprise.

My birthday outfit with new haircut! :)

I had the pea soup and the beet salad with poached chicken. We all started with their rosemary/truffle fries and tater tots! So, it was no wonder I was so full from that I couldn't even finish my beets!

My pea soup

AND beet salad

Ali and Nyssa were so sweet and brought my birthday treats!

One of Ali's o' so famous cards(Note: I tried to rotate it four times and it wouldn't stick, but it's too cute NOT to post:)

My gift from Ali: the straw water bottle. I am SO excited, I'm always borrowing hers! :)

Nyssa gave me these wonder flowers. Don't they look like cabbages!

Thank you one and all for making my birthday so special!


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