Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A wonderful dinner party

Today's roundup
Exercise for the day:
- taught one 55 minute spin class
- loop around Fresh pond with pooch
- walk around the neighborhood

Cooking for the day:
- quinoa salad(for lunch)
- 5-layer dip(for dinner party)
- sunflower bark(for dinner party)

My quinoa salad for lunch

Elise had all the 'epi study ladies' over for dinner tonight, but this time we added the boys and took out the studying!

Elise and Stefan put together a wonderful meal including:
wild salmon
Abbey's CSA salad with turnip croutons
Lauren's qunioa salad
Abbey's fresh bread(gluten filled)
My 5-layer dip(as an appetizer)

Salmon and asparagus

CSA greens with radishes, carrots, peppers and turnip croutons ;)

My happily filled plate

On the menu for dessert:
Elise's pecan & cornmeal tarts(gluten free and SOO buttery delicious)
fresh fruit
sunflower bark(I exchanged sunflower seeds for pistachios)
Elise's fresh homemade frozen yogurt & frozen peach yogurt

My dessert plate... the tart was SOO good that I had another small quarter with more fruit later ;)

A great end to day, but now it is late so I must hit the hay!


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