Monday, June 7, 2010

Miles on Foot

Luna and I walked MILES today. I walked to and from work this morning, and then back down the street again to see my wonderful seamstress, Lindsay. Then, I took Luna and my friend Beccah to Fresh Pond for a loop. Later in the afternoon, for a homework break, I took Luna on a Beacon Street loop and then back down towards Harvard Square. I think I walked over 6 miles today, and Luna probably did about 3 and half! She is pooped!

Now on to the food...

I made some lentil burgers yesterday which turned out rather crumbly and more of disaster than I had hoped, but as a salad with fresh South Carolina peaches, feta, and pea tendrils were delicious!

After a loop to the park tonight, Dave and I came home and made bbq chicken and asparagus pizza. It was soo yummy, and I think the Verrill Farm 'fresh' asparagus made it EVEN better!

Who wouldn't ask for a slice?

My plate...ok my first piece... I ended up having three pieces- I couldn't help myself!

My workout plan for tomorrow:
25 minutes of strength training
45 minutes of an indoor cycling class


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