Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Back to the Grind

I really felt the need for a strength class this morning so I went to muscle conditioning with a friend. After three bbq's over the weekend, I was feeling a little pudgey and ready for some major movement. The class was hard, and I got my sweat on which felt great! I then headed home to take Luna for a nice long walk, and to get some cooking done before heading to the Longwood for volunteer meetings.

I realized something this morning, in the last two weeks since being back at school I have been having meatless Tuesdays and Thursdays. It has been wonderful, and I'm going to keep it up! So, I made a brown rice/quinoa salad today to stuff into a green pepper for dinner. I also had a container of fresh peaches and plain greek yogurt to have with dinner as well. Pretty easy- meatless tuesday if you ask me! ;)

I used Ben's Whole Grain Medley(brown rice and red and black quinoa).

Then sauteed baby spinach, zucchini, garlic, a jalapeno, and scallions in about one teaspoon of olive oil.

Then I quickly toasted some sunflower seeds and through them into the rice mixture, and added everything to together. After seeing all the green, I decided it needed a punch so I added a red pepper.

The finished product with feta added for a hint of tartness.

In class tonight we dove right into childhood eating patterns, school lunches and obesity. I'm getting excited because this week I am interviewing one of the local public school food service directors about their policies and procedures in regards to the School Healthy Index. I have picked a school, on purpose, that has done very well with incorporating local vegetables, as well as providing well balanced meals with whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables to their children. I can't wait hear what Mary Jo has to say.

Now on to bed, I have an early training and spin in the morning.


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