Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer time in PA

I think this is officially the longest I have gone without posting since I started last November. The only place to get internet in town is the library which was closed all weekend and just opened back up today. So, here I am sharing our wonderful weekend in the mountains, a couple days late.

We had a full house this weekend with my mum, Gran, cousin Jake and his wonderful wife Emma, and family friends all along the mountain. We had wonderful lunch get-together, night cookouts and bbqs galore. Now, that the 4th is over it is time to start wedding planning... Happily, I can enjoy the news that we have found a date and a place for the recepton which we are very excited about. I have even added a picture of the view!

Our first 'mtn' event was a wonderful lunch with our family friend Wicker and her family on Saturday.

The menu:
chicken salad
cottage cheese and tomato gelatin molds(my gran's favorite)
baba(eggplant dip)
Greek fixings( pita bread, etc)

The table PLUS my cousin Jake's arm ;)

My plate

Later that afternoon I was reading thru Martha(June 2010) for some 'recipes' and specifically for an idea for our evening plans and found a recipe for grilled buttermilk chicken(marinate bone-in chicken in buttermilk with herbs and grill)!

Our friends and family on the hill...

More friends and family...

Our appetizers sideways(my computer is being funky). I made a buttermilk and avocado dip( an avocado forked smooth, with 1/2 cup of lowfat buttermilk, a clove of garlic minced, and about 3 tbsp. of fresh basil minced). It was soo wonderfully cook and delicious and great with veggies.

Dave and I grilled the buttermilk chicken. It was tender and so good on a warm summer night.

Our menu:
tomato/mozz/avocado salad
buttermilk chicken
fresh green salad
barley salad
corn/zucchini light gratin

My wonderfully veggie filled plate ;)

We have had tons of wonderful hikes and walks through the woods. Luna sleeps well every night and is loving the pool, which is spring run so cool and inviting all day long.

Dave and I are again very excited to have found where we want to have our reception for our wedding. Here is one of the views from the farm.

The tree where the ceremony with be, and we got got engaged....

More tomorrow from the mountain...


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