Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Last day

Today, is my last day in Charlottesville and it is definitely bitter sweet. I'm going to miss my peanuts(the kids) so much, but can't wait to get home to my sweetie, Dave!

Jack had school today, so the ladies and I stayed around the farm. They had a friend come over, and then decided to go an 'adventure' after I left for Bodo's(the all-natural bagel shop) to grab them some lunch. Geoff found their bikes dropped near the road, and the three kids walking down a trail...naughty children- no tv or electronics til Friday!!

Overall though, it was a great last day- with romps through the fields with the kids, sitting outside in the sun with the dogs reading, and cooking cowboy cookies(also known to others as Meg's Crack cookies) for my cousin and her husband to have when they get back from their trip!

My favorite spots to hit while I'm in Charlottesville:

Arches(frozen yogurt & great salads)
O'Susannah( a home and office knick knack store)
Bodo's Bagels(for their Cleo salad)
Revolutionary Soup(new addition from this trip)
Oasis( spa treatments)
ACAC(gym for the day or week- $12 a day)
Bikram yoga($20 for initial week)
Feast( new addition- local speciality food store)
My cousin's farm!!!!

I got this shirt today from Feast!!!


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