Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Morning a' buzz...

I was awoken this morning with one of the puppies(who are now 17 months and over 80 lbs.) licking my face. It was Pearl who I had enclosed in the dog room last night and had jumped the gate and brought the grand total to FOUR over 80 lbs. dogs in my room at 6AM! The snoring from Elwood(the Pyrenees) and Bonnie(a Newfie) was hysterical!!

I made the kids low-fat cinnamon rolls with strawberries and scrambled eggs this morning for breakfast, and they were gone so fast I couldn't take a picture- sorry!

I made lunches today for all three kids.
Items included: cheese stick, atleast one piece of fruit, second piece of fruit or a veggie, sandwich(pb & j or turkey), sesame blues chips and a z-bar.

I'm off to yoga this morning again- I don't know though if I can take an hour and 45 minutes in hotness everyday though! We'll see!!

Ut-o puppies to go...


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