Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Family Life on the Farm

Kitchen Window

Today has been a blur- with making lunches, getting the kids to school, yoga(1 hour and 45 minute class!), grocery shopping, kid pickup and granola bar making...and it's only 3:30...

My plan for the kids(two 9 year old girls & one 12 year old boy)this week is to get them to try new things- including more veggies, new recipes(turkey meatballs,etc),and healthier snacks!

Lunch for the twins today:

peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat
carrots or red pepper slices
cheese stick or cheese crackers
peanut butter cookie
clementine or pear

School snack: Z-bar or yogurt

Snack this afternoon for the ladies(we're going to their brother's basketball game soon!)
piece of fruit
cheese-its(they were in the house- and they both wanted them)

My breakfast today:
2x slices of brown rice and millet bread(I brought it)
1/4 avocado

My Lunch:
spicy peanut soup from Arches(I will write more on this place later)
1/2 sandwich without the bread(turkey, lettuce, cheddar, sprouts, tomato)

I still really miss Lola even through the hustle bustle of life here! These faces are helping though... Shadow, Bonnie, and Lucy(only three of the six dogs!)


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