Sunday, January 10, 2010

Busy Sunday

Our first day without Lola has been hard, but we've kept busy going to brunch with Dave's family, watching the Pat's game(yikes), packing for VA, and tonight heading to a friend's house for dinner.

We had brunch at The Old Salt in Hampton, New Hampshire. I hadn't been to a buffet in a really long time, and was surprised about how many unhealthy options they had. Also, for people who have allergies it's not the easiest. So, I got a omelet with tomatoes, peppers, cheese, onions and broccili that was made fresh for me. I also had two small pieces of turkey and a mixed green salad, with dill yogurt sauce. The table of desserts was covered in cakes, brownies and bars, and NOT gluten free. But their Belgian dark chocolate fountain(gluten free) had strawberries and pineapple(fresh) to dip into it, so I had a couple of pieces of dipped fruit. Overall, I think I had made some good choices.

The Old Salt

Now, I've been packing and getting ready for my trip- making piles, and organizing. For instance, when traveling and being an airport, I find it hard to find healthy options- so I usually bring my own.

A couple helpful items I always have on me, just in case:

- empty Sigg bottle(I ask Starbuck's to fill it for me AFTER I got through security)
- fruit(pear or an apple) and/or veggies(like carrots)
- granola(usually wholemade, but it doesn't matter) or a bar
- salad(if I'm going to be in the airport during lunch or dinner time- from Whole Foods or I make it myself)
- to go coffee mug & tea bags(hot water is free!)

I think of it as a way to save money! Why purchase items at the airport that are double if not triple the price and then not be happy with the choices I've made- ugh no thanks!


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