Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Morning Soup

I have 6am training clients three days in a row this week, which I really like because it means I wake up really early(5-5:30) and get my day started!! I had a small slice of leftover pizza at 5:30, and a green tea to give me fuel for training and taking a killer spin class.

I am now having this delicious african sweet potato and peanut soup for breakfast/brunch. I love having soup or stews for breakfast, especially on warm days. It's so filling, and a good way to start the day with some veggies and good protein.

Todays plan to spend some major QT(quality time) with Lola, clean the study, puppy play date this afternoon with MacG for Lo, and making a nice filling dinner for Dave(he's having his wisdom teeth taken out tomorrow:(


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