Friday, January 8, 2010

Our Lola & The Trip

Today, is our last full day with Ms. Lola- who is passed OUT next to me right now. We've been playing all afternoon in the backyard, and in the house. She got a new 'cuz' ball, which as some of your dog owners know that dogs LOVE. She also got a frozen marrow meat bone from Whole Foods today. Someone at our dog park told me about these bones, awhile back, and they are Lola's favorite. We keep them frozen and she loves to lick, chew, and nibble on the bone and the marrow inside. It's not cooked so it won't break into little sliver pieces in her system. I wanted to spoil her rotten ;)
We are going to miss her so much, but know making this transition is the best thing for her. Tomorrow afternoon we will meet the shelter/adoption agency in a field in CT and make the very tearful transition.

On Monday, I'm heading out of town for about a week and half to Charlottesville, VA. My cousin needed some help taking care of her children, the dogs and horses - I was happy to help. I get to play mummy for the week, and will be busy and hopefully not thinking about Lola so much. I love Charlottesville, the people especially my family, the food and the glorious landscape. I'm going to do yoga everyday while the kids(there are three) are in school. I've looked into the Charlottesville Bikram studio, and thought I would try it out. Also, I'm going to try out a couple recipes on the kids. I know the girls like to cook, so I hope to have some fun in the kitchen when them, and hopefully get them to try some new foods with Meggie!


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