Sunday, January 17, 2010

Good Afternoon

The girls and I were crazy in the kitchen yesterday: from granola, to ribs, and finishing the creme brulee. In the morning, we went shopping for Meggles(me), and then to get our nails done. The girls were great, and knew the owner and all the ladies really well- it was too funny. I, being the conservative one out of the group, got a light pink on my nails, while Carly and Liza got bright green and blue on their fingernails, and purple and blue on their toes.

In the afternoon we started a cooking bonanza with some Harry Potter rolled in: marinating the ribs in a dry rub(Bone Suckin' Sauce- is GLUTEN FREE) and making the granola. Liza likes a granola sandwich with sunflower butter, granola, banana and honey- so why not make it from scratch!

Baking the oats first...

Oats/pecans/cashew mixture

Finished product(Granola with pecans/cashews/cranberries/coconut

Dinner on the Farm:
pork baby backs ribs(w/ Bone Suckin' Sauce)
salad(baby spinach, tomatoes, carrots, avocado, yellow and orange peppers)

Carly's plate or Jack's ... I can't remember

Liza chowing down

Creme brulee right out of the oven

Carly and her creme bliss


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