Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dinner with the Ladies

Last night, Dave and I went to dinner at friend from school's house. We had such a nice time, and she is an amazing cook. She was so considerate to cook soft food for Dave and her husband kept the wine flowing... :) Great night with all ladies from school and it helped ease the pain of starting another semester...atleast we have each other!

Dinner: salmon, tarragon peas, acorn squash with apples and walnuts, and corn pudding

Creme brulee :)

Dipped strawberries & chocolate meringues

This am I went to the Bunker Hill monument to do a practice climb before my big stair climb at One Boston Place for the American Lung Association in February. It was killer on the lungs, but felt good when it was over.


mrs_reit said...

Wow, what a fabulous dinner that sounds like! ;) We really had a great time!

I was thinking about you and Lola yesterday afternoon.... I hope all went well!

Meg said...

Thanks Elise for everything! I hope the cookies went well!

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