Monday, January 4, 2010


Today has just flown by- I tried so hard to get myself to the gym to workout, but just couldn't get my gym mo jo going! So, I started the 30-Day Shred video, but Lola just wouldnt have that and wanted to play tug! I finally brought the video over to my friend's house to make her to Level 3 with me! So atleast, I got some Jillian strength training in today!

Tomorrow, is indoor cycling with my favorite instructor(other than myself:)

I did much better today with eating- aka I ate when I was hungry. Especially, when me made a delicious buffalo chicken sausage(1/2) & bbq chicken(1/2) gluten free pizza for dinner with a mixed green salad on the side- I had 2 and 1/2 pieces and salad!

Both Dave and I had the yogurt we made yesterday! It is so good, it put any yogurt you can buy in a store to shame!! I put some ginger in mine which added an extra zip!

Finally, I went with a friend to Starbuck's today, which I never would do because I dont like Starbucks. For no reason other than I dont like their coffee very much, and decided about two years ago to stop going and spending money on something I could make myself. Anyway, my friend was getting a treat, while I playing with her beautiful baby boy and I saw this women telling her daughter that perhaps it would be better for her to get skinny frap instead of a regular frap EVERYDAY!! Really, and we wonder why people are overweight. Why does a 11 year old need to have a caffeinated high caloric or high "fake" sugared drink everyday after school? It makes me so sad! I want to help these woman and children to help make better choices. Perhaps a glass of lowfat chocolate milk, and a piece of fruit, if sugar was a must. Otherwise, why not have some whole grains crackers and natural peanut butter, or a cheese stick and an apple.
Anything, but please a frap every afternoon :(

Afternoon Snack favorite:

Peanut butter and apple OR my personal favorite - carrots and peanut butter!


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