Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Dave and I just finished watching Julie & Julia. Meryl Streep is really a lark- her mannerisms and silly comments make me wish I could have met Julia Child. Dave said that it looks like we cook the same- quick and with a smile.

I also went to my first Socials for Success(Mass Amer. Dietetic Association event) today at Clayworks in Brookline. It was nice to meet some fellow students and dietetic interns, as well as make do a little painting. Ill post the pictures of my 'works' after they have been fired in the kilm.

Finally, I have a little confession- my pants are tight. They are not muffin top tight, but tight enough where I am going to write down what I am eating everyday. I'll start tomorrow morning because I do like starting anew on a Monday. I also am going to go back to writing what my workouts are for the week.

Monday- spin or cardio/weights(on my own)
Tuesday- LONG DAY of CLASSES - day off
Wednesday- teaching spin ;)
Thursday- Hour of Power(yoga) hopefully
Friday- ?
Saturday- teaching spin ;)

I think it's a good start...

***would love to hear people's opinions on what I'm writing, please post comments***


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