Sunday, May 2, 2010

No Tap Water

Saturday afternoon there was a water main break in Weston, and now any town or city from Weston east can not use tap water.

Our wonderful neighbor, Jen, had six bottles on the table for us last night when we got home so we could brush our teeth, and make coffee this morning! She is AMAZING!!

Dave found this helpful site this morning from Mass Gov on the rules and regulations of boiling water!

We also went to Market Basket this morning to get a couple bottles, and people were going crazy! I think that in a crisis there should be a limit on cases you can purchase, so that everyone can have a chance!


Elizabeth P. said...

Matt's parents went to BJ's for us last night and waited for over an hour and I guess people were filling the flat bed carts to the brim with water. It was ridiculous - absolutely no limit on how much you could get! I couldn't believe they actually waited that long at 10pm at night. Sigh, lets hope this is over soon.

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