Saturday, May 29, 2010

Drinking my Coffee

I'm about to head out the door for a stadium workout, but thought I would blog quickly. I have gotten so much in in the last two days. Phew! There was class, my first assignment due, more trips to the hospital(for volunteering), great workouts(including a run which I have NOT done in awhile), a bbq with friends, and taking care of Luna.

Some fantastic pictures of our bbq last night.

The simple yet elegant table

Our Menu:
5-layer dip
3-kind potato salad with veggies
Grilled corn
Greens( special salad dressing for Jay)
96% lean burgers
Organic/Uncured lean hot dogs
Whole wheat buns(for the gluten eaters)

My 5-layer dip( homemade black bean dip, corn, pea&avocado gauc, diced tomatoes and salsa, with cheddar on top)

The table starting to get filled up...

Everyone is ready to eat and I made them stop to take a picture- sorry!

Dave and I are now on countdown to Rumbling Bridge. We are heading down to PA to take a little vacay and starting the wedding planning process in about a month.

This is the tree in which I think a ceremony would be breathtaking...


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