Friday, May 14, 2010

Ladies Weekend(Sam's Deli & Mac's Shack)

GIRLS WEEKEND on the CAPE- woo hoo!! Oh, how nice it is to be with foodies for a weekend. We have had a great day in Eastham, Chatham and Wellfleet.

Elise brought us to two 'outer cape' favorites today!

We went to Sam's Deli for lunch. There isn't a website, which means to me- it's a local jewel!!!

Oh of the best for sandwiches...

Alas, as the 'gluten freer' I got a salad with Barefoot Contessa(I love her!) curry chicken and greens... SOOO yummy ;)

We walked around Chatham to all the cute shops. I even tried on a white dress at 'In the Pink' today. It was almost like a trial for next week's wedding dresses. ;)

We then went to Mac's Shack in Wellfleet for dinner.

The menu is huge and had cape favorites like lobster, scallops, etc but also has a HUGE sushi menu.

We shared the 'high roller' - which was a california roll with seared salmon on top for an app. Oh my gosh, I don't even LIKE sushi. It got me so excited that I got veggie sushi for dinner, and the pea soup.

The best pea soup I have ever had...EVER!!!

My veggie sushi and thai veggie sushi(Marcia and I shared;)

I am so excited to have two more days with my ladies from school!!! :)


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