Monday, May 10, 2010

Buckwheat Stirfry & an Allergic Reaction

After a puppy play tonight, I made buckwheat turkey stirfry.

I started with thin cutlets of Plainville turkey that I sauteed in garlic and ginger.

While, I cooked the buckwheat noodles in another pan.

I then took the turkey out of the pan, and sauteed broccoli, edamame, carrots, and peas.

I made the stirfry sauce with peanut butter and gf teriyaki.

My plate with the turkey, veggies and buckwheat noodles

After dinner my face started to turn VERY red, and hot!!! I don't know what I had a reaction too, but it's been three hours since dinner and my face is still red. Ugh! This is not a typical reaction, so it could be anything.

I will be staying away from buckwheat noodles for awhile though. The package ingredient list did say only buckwheat and corn, but you never know...


Christine said...

This is interesting. I purchased Plainville chicken breasts last week, and made some great soup from it. Within 30 minutes my entire body was itchy (absolutely no hives), and my face turned red.

I am pretty sure the reaction was from the meat, because the past week I've been slowly using the other left over ingredients from the soup to see if I would get a reaction, and haven't had any reactions. Needless to say, I threw out the soup and the cooked meat leftovers.

Meg said...


Oh my goodness, I never thought that it could possibly be from the meat, I thought it was from the buckwheat noodles. I am sure you are right now, though, because yesterday I tried the noodles again and they were fine.
It looks like we need to write a note to Planville.
Thank you so much.


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