Friday, May 7, 2010

A True Spring-like Friday

My day started 'real' early this morning with a round full of clients- four to be exact.

Then, I scooted home to meet up with Beccah to take Luna to Fresh Pond Reservoir for a nice long walk.

She went for her first swim today EVER with her new friend Gracie at Fresh Pond. They were very cute together.

We then headed to Whole Foods to grab lunch before getting some errands done. I needed to quickly see if I could sell a book back, and Beccah wanted to sell some clothes to
Second Time Around. We succeeded in both, and I got a new Longchamp bag with my store credit. Woo hoo!

My lunch today: apple tuna and a goat cheese salad. I only ate about 1/3 the tuna.

We had a couple friends over to try the picnic table out for dinner.

The menu:
94% lean turkey burgers(with parsley)
96% lean beef burgers
Whole wheat buns(for those people who could eat them ;)
Greens with Meg's dressing with some grated garlic for a little more zest
Homemade pesto pasta
Guacamole and tortilla chips(for pre grilling munchies)
Grilled corn(first of the season from the USA)

We then all walked down to Christina's for some ice cream.

Dave and I shared a sundae. I got Taza chocolateice cream. How can you go wrong with locally made chocolate put into your locally made ice cream!

Our sundae bowl with my chocolate on one side and his vanilla creation on the other. It was gooey and utterly delicious!

Nightly Night.


Anonymous said...

what the hell woman!! who gave you the rights to market my guns on your blog! just look at those things...popping like no other...that was some tasty salad dressing, princess.

Meg said...

Thank you Jay for making the night so wonderful!

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