Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Meatless Wednesday

It's ALL done- spring semester that is! My final exam was this morning, and already seems so far away.

Now for a week and half, I'm going to workout as much as I can, and start planning a wedding(mother don't get too excited!).

On to the food for now...

I forgot to post the picture of my beautiful lunch yesterday: greens with sheep's milk feta, hummus and carrots.

Our semester celebration dinner: Tofu Stirfry(MEATLESS WEDNESDAY!). Not very Cinco de Mayo...

Tofu with edamame beans, broccoli, peas and carrots, onions, and brown rice.

The Whole Foodssauce I used. It was SOO delicious!

My meatless meal...

Dave could NOT deal with eating only tofu SO he added some leftover ground turkey to his stirfry...

Dave came home with a 'end of the semester' surprise: Kickass Cupcakes!

He even got a 'pupcake' for Luna

Dave got her to 'sit' before she got her treat(note: his picnic table- we eat ALL of our meals outside now:)


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