Monday, May 24, 2010

Hot Monday

A busy Monday morning I saw five clients this morning, and then headed to Market Basket and Whole Foods to get some shopping done. Since it is going to be in the upper 80s this week, I wanted to stock our fridge with tons of fruits and veggies.

Then, I came home for lunch and made a tuna sandwich with carrots and celery, on toasted bread with sliced peaches and cheddar. It was a dream!

All day Luna has been hot, a couple of times I got the hose out a couple of times to cool her down. Yet, as you can see from this picture she was stil hot!

Then afternoon I cooked a couple of dishes for a friend and then came home and did some school work. It's been so hard getting back into it.

For dinner tonight we cooked 96% lean burgers, and corn on the grill with greens on the side.


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