Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday Tuesday

A wonderfully busy day. I went to a Total Body Conditioning class and got a great workout. Then took Luna to Fresh Pond for walk and a swim.

I then took a trip to Natick to see my friend Jamie. Her mother-in-law brought lunch to the house. A delicious chicken(mustard and orange juice dressing) with greens and some vegetable soup.

After a great afternoon with Jamie, and baby Joey I started my drive home. It took me an HOUR and 25 minutes to get home though! ARGH!!

We made a pizza and some greens for dinner. I had a slice and half.

Luna is plum-tuckered from her day. Poor girl!

I watched a bit of the Biggest Loser this evening, and made a killer spin mix after being motivated by the amazing people on that show.


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