Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day all!

Dave and I drove up to NH this morning to meet his family for lunch at the 99. They have a gluten free menu which was great!

I had the cobb salad.

We also stopped at On the Vine to grab some Abigail's brown rice and millet bread. I got a loaf of their cinnamon raisin brown rice and millet bread, and had a slice when we got home. It's amazing and sweetened with agave. For two slices it's 129 calories which is amazing for gluten free bread that is usually 100 calories a slice and has no fiber. The cinnamon raisin has 6 grams per serving :)

Dave and I then back to MA and went to Fresh Pond to take Luna for walk. We met up with my cousin Stew and his dog Trot, and ended up staying there for over two hours.

Luna after her first swim ;)

The pond where she swam...

She is passed out next to me now ...


Meg said...

Luna is SOO tired today! Fresh pond is a great place to get the pups plum tuckered!

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