Thursday, May 20, 2010

Where did today go?

Whoa, today flew by...I went to Total Body Conditioning, and then did some homework for my summer class.

For lunch and breakfast I had
Abigail's raisin toast! I thought their regular brown rice and millet was good, but now I'm hooked on the cinnamon raisin!

I have also officially become my mother and grandmother, look at this cutting board - it reminds me of my childhood! :) Toast, part-skim mozz, green pepper and tomato slices a perfect lunch outside on the picnic table.

Then, another loop around Fresh Pond for Luna and I today. We took her boyfriend, Subo-tai and his mom, Katie. They did so well together and had a nice long swim.

Before I knew it it was time to cook dinner. We had turkey burgers on the grill and then some wonderful side dishes.

Our side dishes: broccoli slaw(made with greek yogurt and fresh strawberries), salad greens, and pesto polenta topped with fresh tomatoes.

My plate- look at all those greens ;)

Tomorrow, I'm trying on wedding dresses with some of my bridesmaids. I'm diving right into wedding planning this month ;)


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