Sunday, February 28, 2010

Moon Party Sunday

Exercise for the day: We took a nice short run mid-day to get our last run in for the week. We only really did a little over a mile and half, then walked about two miles home, to get quarters for MUCH needed laundry. It was short, but most importantly it was nice to be together outside.

I got some homework done early afternoon so that I could cook and get ready for the Moon Party at Sarah and Toby's new apartment. I made: spinach salad with half moon shaped carrots, sunflower seeds and avocado with my day to day salad dressing on top. I also made some 'moon' shaped peanut butter cookies- some with dark chocolate on top, others without.

Some of the "Moon Party" apps...grapes, cheese, salami, and crackers...

The beautiful 'table-scape'(note: the painted blue moons hiding underneath- Sarah's daughter and I made those :o).

My 'moon' salad...

Toby's unbelievable mussels- they were tender and sweet and the broth was out of this world...

"Moon Party Meal"

Grape, cheese and crackers plate
Crudite with dips(dill spread and a lemon hummus)

Moon Salad
Roasted garlic and rosemary potatoes
Moon burger(with curry)

Peanut Butter 'moon' cookies

It was wonderful to see Toby, and Sarah- their new place, and have a 'moon' party!!


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