Sunday, February 7, 2010

Game Night

Last night, we had a few friends over for Game Night. We played some 'parlor' games and laughed hard all night long.

The menu for the night:

Homemade hummus & veggies(carrots, celery and red peppers)
5-layer dip(healthy style) - recipe coming soon
turkey chili with chipotle peppers and sweet potatoes
pistachio bark
gluten free peanut butter cookies with dark chocolate kisses

Beer and wine glasses table

The bowls and limes for the chili(note: I forgot to put the lime wedges out)

The 'grub' table...

My famous hummus and veggies(recipe coming soon)

Two of the Game Night ladies and a tired Lenny...

Some of the Game Night crew...


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Meg & Dave, for a great Game Night and GREAT food! My visual image of Gertrude Stein has been forever altered!
Couple-a things: when I click on the link for the pistachio bark (YUM!) I get the Salmon recipe. Also, what exactly is agave nectar? I'm thinking this is meant to be used in place of refined sugar, but I don't know...

Meg said...

AB- thank you for coming!! I have changed the bark recipe and it should come up now... thank you for telling me!! agave nectar- is another form of sweetener, that recent research has said -it causes less of spike in blood sugar than regular sugar. I have been using it for the past year and love it!

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