Thursday, February 25, 2010


So, last night I met my sister and we went to one of her gym's(yes she has two memberships), for the class called Evolution. Equinox is more like a spa than a gym. I added a link to the Back Bay's club tour at the bottom of this post. Take a look!

Sarah and I walked into the their 'Main Studio' about 10 minutes after 5 and 10 people were already set up for the 5:30 class. I was pleasantly surprised that people would get to a class so early, BUT about 5 minutes later I learned it's because SOO many people come. The class was packed with definitely over 45 people. The instructor George came in, and on first impression looked like an ex football player- he was huge(tall and thick). BUT he went right into it with jumping jacks, and medicine ball dynamic moves. The man could move and he got the whole room of men and women going! In the first 5 minutes I was huffing and puffing, and it didn't stop for the entire hour!! We did: blurpies, mountain climbers, football feet, maniac, punches, pushups, and more squats,lunges,and jumping jacks than I thought possible. I haven't sweat that much from a group exercise class, other than spinning, in a really long time! This was definitely hardest class I have ever been to in my life! Thanks Sarah for taking me!!

I got home and was STARVING. Dave had thankfully made the dough for the pizza and put the pizza stone in the oven! So by the time I got home, we only had to put on on the fixings. We had Olivia's greens on the side.

Finished product: turkey sausage, red onion and red pepper with part-skim mozz...

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Boston, MA 02116



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