Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day

School's closed today- but I don't have any classes on Wednesday- so my day is pretty normal. I taught a killer spin class this morning and saw a client, then headed home do crank out some homework.

Breakfast: gala apple/2 tbsp. of sunflower butter/ 2 tbsp. of homemade granola

My lunch today: bbq chicken(cooked in the crockpot)/bleu cheese/carrots/red peppers/mixed greens/dijon vinaigrette(1:00pm) & 1/2 mug of African sweet potato and peanut soup(11:00am)

Dave got out at noon, and we decided to make some yogurt together. Ha- couple 'yogurt' bonding...SWEET!!! I'll tell you all how it tastes!!

I got to the book group right in time last night- it was nice to see all the ladies, and catch up. Thank you Hilde for a wonderful evening!!

remnants of book group sundae party... I got a bite of whipped cream, some cashews and a glass of red wine... :o)


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