Tuesday, February 9, 2010

School Day

First off, my legs are KILLING me right now. It's awesome, but is also very hard to get up and down out of my chair-- I really need to stop drinking so much water :)

It's my long day at school today ,and then I have book group tonight. I actually had time to read the book for once and it was so good. Hopefully by the time I get there it won't be all over...

Tuesdays are a NONE workout day for me - but today I wish I would have gotten up really early to help these legs out a little by doing some cardio. Oh well...

My lunch today: hummus/two slices of feta/ red peppers/carrots/Marys Gone Crackers

Snack: homemade granola/apple/black tea(I'm out of Yogi green tea- YIKES!!)

A snack for my nutrition epi class(they are my new food testers!)
They are trying my granola & for Valentine's I brought them dark chocolate Dove hearts!!

(sorry it's upside down!!!)


mrs_reit said...

Thanks for the granola and chocolate last night in class! YUM!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey- I recently went out and got a box of those Marys Gone Crackers and I am very pleased! They have a nice taste and a pleasing texture. They also satisfy my need to "crunch".

Meg said...

Oh,good- I'm glad you like them!!

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