Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Food for the day

Tuesday= Meg at school ALL day long. So I came prepared to keep my mind running well all day long.

Food for the day:

- 2 cups of Olivia's Organics baby spinach
- tuna salad with chopped carrots and celery, low fat mayo, agave nectar, and salt and pepper
- Mary's Gone Crackers to dip into the tuna
- apple
- banana(I already ate this in my first class:)
- 10 pistachios
- 1 1/2 cups of leftover turkey/sweet potato chili for dinner with 1 tbsp. of 50% light Cabot cheddar on top
- homemade yogurt made this EuroCuisine
- 2 pieces of homemade pistachio bark

For breakfast I had:
- 2x pieces of Abigail's brown rice and millet bread and scrambled eggs(1 whole egg and one egg white) made into a sandwich


Jen Hirsch said...

Why use agave nectar on the tuna?

Meg said...

It adds a little more flavor to the dish- try agave or a little sugar :)

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