Monday, March 1, 2010

O' the joys of having a car...

I made an early appt. at the VW dealership for my wonderful car for a quick easy recall this morning. Of course, it took longer than expected due to an unexpected hose leak(thankfully covered by my warranty).

I had made plans to see my friend Jamie and baby Joey for a late breakfast alas I was at the dealership too late, so we decided to go for lunch.

We decided onPanera Bread. The last time I went there, I asked the cashiers and a manager what soups I could order on a when I came, the onion soup being one of them. So I ordered their 'You-Pick-Two' greek salad(which I know is gluten free) with chicken and the onion soup(without croutons). Yet, for some reason I felt skeptical today, so after we got back to Jamie's house I went on their website, and WHEAT FLOUR is on their ingredient list for onion soup. ARGH!!!
So this doesn't happen to anyone else here is a gluten free list for Panera Bread: PB list.

Unfortunately, after picking up my car, around 5, I did not have enough time to make chili so I made pork stirfry for dinner.

In the stirfry tonight:

Veggies(asparagus, celery, carrots, red and green peppers, onions) and lean pork...

Pork stirfry with roasted sunflower seeds(good addition)...

My dinner plate...

I also got a 2 mile run in today on Jamie's treadmill- thanks Jam!!! Tomorrow, I'm heading to early morning(6:30am) yoga at Be Union Square.


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