Sunday, March 14, 2010

Friends in the Rain

It's been just POURING rain ALL day long, but we had many visitors to get us through! Our wonderful friends- Nyssa and Ben, and Beccah and Brian all came over to see Luna and brought engagement treats, too. Thank you Brian and Beccah for the Tulips(note the above), and Nyssa and Ben for the goody bag. :)

In their goody bag: my 1st BRIDE magazine- YIKES!!!

Dave even got some engagement beers- this being one of them!

After a rainy afternoon of visitors, I got into my nutrition epidemiology studying while Dave spent some quality time with little Luna(aka took a nap with her). Dinner tonight was quick and easy due to a study session at my friend Elise's house. So, we had tomato soup and grilled cheese with arugula salad.

Thank you Trader Joe's for your No Gluten list, for which this soup is apart of! :)

Our mugs of deliciousness!

The greens for this evening: wild arugula with apples...

Gluten free grilled cheese with salad- DELISH!!!

I went to my friend Elise's for a nutrition epi study session. She made these breathtaking chocolaty gluten free cookies with toasted walnuts. Lauren brought these little delectable kumquats!


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