Saturday, March 20, 2010

Friday Fun

Yesterday, was a wonderful sunny day. I had a great morning trainig clients, where a wonderful engagement goody bag had been left. Thank you so much Deborah! :)

I then went to pick up Luna's raw diet food, Bravo, at Raining Cats & Dogs in Cambridge, and came home to make quick lunch for Dave and I.

I was pretty impressed with the tacos that I whipped up in 10 minutes- ground turkey seasoned with chili pepper, hot sauce and cumin,sauteed corn parsley and scallions, and a small amount of sharp cheddar sprinkled on top! I added some arugula to get some more greens in for the day!

My plate...

Dave's plate(minus three tacos)- he's an eater!

Luna and I then spent almost two hours at park with my friend Jen and her dog Lenny.

Since Dave and I didn't get really get to celebrate our anniversary on Monday we decided to go to American Craft in Brookline. It use to be the Roadhouse, a bbq and beer bar, but now is quoted as having a 'local' food menu, with a HUGE draft and bottle beer menu. It was a super disappointing meal. We got a couple of things on the menu, and decided to share everything. Please excuse the dark pictures. :)

The tomato soup, was good but not great.

The fries were good, but they're fries, it's hard to mess them up.

Our chicken was warm and satisfying but the broccoli rabe and fingerling potatoes were bland and COLD, like they had been sitting around for awhile. Bummer!

The risotto was on the appetizer menu and cost $9 dollars. It was chewy and tasted like it had either been sitting out, or not been cooked long enough with chicken stock. Ugh!

We again were super disappointed with our meal there, and had frequented the Roadhouse(the prior bbq place) atleast once a month. Dave is sad because the beer list is stellar, so perhaps this will be a place for outside drinking only!

American Craft
1700 Beacon St.
Brookline, MA 02445

Luna had gone to Beccah and Brian's, while we were out for dinner. This picture was sent to me from their house during dinner

...too long of a day for a little puppy... :)

We're off to Stonington CT today for a wonderful trip with my college friends. I'm all pumped and ready to go after my first trip to Harvard stadium this morning. :)


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