Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mum's in Town...

Yesterday was wonderful. I taught a 10:30 spin class to a great group, and then walked home after a quick stop to grab some treats for Dave, and the 'teething' Luna at Savenor's Market.

I got Dave a Aj Stephan's root beer.

Someone at the dog park taught us about giving puppies, especially teething puppies, good quality 'raw' bones with marrow to gnaw on. They work wonders! We try to keep a couple in the freezer, since she is losing lots of teeth right now.

After spin, mum and Sarah picked me up to head back to her apartment downtown.

The view down Beacon St. from the her window. Note: her other windows have a beautigful view of the Charles.

We then took a nice walk down Newbury St, and to the 'Pru'(as Sarah calls it) to shop.
Our first stop though, was to Meredith at Sarah's brown and pedicure place, MiniLuxe. It's super cute, and Meredith did wonders on my brows.

After shopping, we headed back to Sarah's apartment, and then mum and I took a walk along the Charles. It was cold, but gorgeous out!

For dinner, we went to Vox on Boylston St, downtown. I had the Statler chicken which came with spinach and risotto(gluten free), Sarah has the phyllo vegetable tart, and mum had a delicious burger.

Chicken with spinach and risotto. My meal was warm, creamy and inviting...

Sarah's tart was a piece of art.

Vox Populi
755 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02116-266
(617) 424-8300


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