Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Trees at Carnegie

Today we took a trip into Pittsburgh for Gran's 88th birthday. We had a nice breakfast at her house and then went to see the trees at the Carnegie Museum, a family tradition.

The theme of the trees this year: Muses

The ladies looking at their favorite, Olympia. Gran's friends put this one together.

I liked the painter's tree ...

Since Andy Warhol is from Pittsburgh, his society did a tree on his muses...

We had a quick trip to pick up some beer for our next stop Charlottesville and to Whole Foods.

They had the chocolate flavored Food Should Taste Good chips!!! I can never find those in Boston, and their gauc was only $3.99 so of course I grabbed some for us for tonight!!

Back to the country and the snow...a walk with Luna and some sledding!!

Sorry for blogging from my phone- I know the pictures aren't as good. But soon I will be in wifi heaven and be able to use my fancy camera. :)


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