Wednesday, December 1, 2010

First Day of Advent

I had seen this recipe for figs and brie awhile back that I just had to try. Brie was on sale today... so it was in the cards for today!

Mission Figs & Brie

So for lunch, I had the figs stuffed with brie and mashed cauliflower with roasted garlic! The figs don't look that appetizing but they were really delicious!

All day, Luna slept next to me while I got a good amount of my work done for school. I only have one and half weeks left of the semester- so it's really game time!

Dave had asked for turkey meatballs for dinner, so I stewed meatballs in tomatoes with Lundberg couscous for dinner. I added spinach and white kidney beans which added a nice round flavor to the mix.

I used a 6 inch plate for dinner tonight. It's another idea from the book Savor, to help you hone in on your hunger cues.

What I didn't mention on Monday was that when I came home from class Dave had these two presents wrapped and ready for Christmas! He loves to surprise me with presents! But, really this early...

Since my digital camera was stolen, and my iphone camera is just not cutting it, he had secretly decided to purchase a camera for me for Christmas. He kept mentioning that I should really open my gift before Christmas... so I DID!

Get ready for some wonderfully clear pictures of food coming your way!


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